Consultation call

The principle is simple; sometimes, it becomes essential to make you realize that everything will go as per your wishes. It becomes more crucial that we tell you this fact then and there. This is why we have a separate department for consultation calls that handle the communication between our experts, and you.

Astroarun has been serving customers and we have a one-on-one call with you without any time limit for a cost of ₹5100/-. We already have a client base of over 1,20,000+ happy and successful clients, that span over 20 years. We have solved all the major or minute life problems related to life, love, success, money, prosperity, fame, travel, jobs, and everything else.


Most frequent questions and answers

Numerology helps you understand yourself better. This will help you to make the best choices in your daily life. One’s understanding of themselves is the only way to achieve success.

All you need to do is type in your name and your DOB in our numerology calculator. It will automatically apply the tools to analyze your numbers.

Our numerology calculator has been developed using the most scientific means of technology and the most profound knowledge of astrology. It is precisely accurate in analyzing your numbers.