Horoscope or Rashi is a brief about the positions of planets, stars, and the moon during a particular event of significance. It is a drawing or chart of these positions that help to get a brief analysis of what the future holds for any native. Although it is widely acclaimed that Rashifal (horoscope in Hindi) i.e. horoscope is the invention of the greeks there is enough evidence to showcase that this science was first invented by the native Indians, thousands of years ago.

Horoscope is used as a tool for astrologers’ interpretation. Multiple techniques are used and applied by experts to get a proper understanding of one’s future. A significant event like your birth is the core of your horoscope. The position of the sun during your birth is used to derive your horoscope by date of birth. Although, several other events of significance can also be used to get your horoscope that you can get through free horoscope online.


The celestial positions during the time of your birth directly affect your future and life decisions. Any decision of your life should be taken according to the positions of these planetary bodies. This is where the experts come into play. With the advent of technology, astrology has the potential to reach every household. We have the best experts who can do online horoscope matching, or horoscope matching for marriage. These experts know the best techniques to be applied to your horoscope so that you can make the best decisions every day through your daily horoscope today.  


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Yes,This horoscope of Astro Arun Pandit Ji is based on the Moon sign. According to this Your zodiac sign is the same zodiac on which the moon is present at the time of your birth.

Your horoscope is written to guide for a particular path. But you cannot totally depend on your planets to get results, you have to do your part of work to get results