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Current Name Analysis

Before understanding the importance of name correction, it is essential to analyze your current name’s numerological vibrations. Our expert numerologists will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your current name, unveiling its influence on various aspects of your life such as personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, and overall destiny. This analysis will provide valuable insights into the misalignments between your current name and your true potential.

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Follow these steps to make the transition successful

Write your new name 20000-30000 times in a register over 2-3 months to attune yourself to its vibrations.

Update all important documents, business cards, and social media channels with your new name.

Embrace the change by updating your house's nameplate or other relevant surroundings.

Be patient and observe the positive shifts and opportunities the new name brings to your life.

What is Name Change Numerology?

Name Change Numerology is the practice of harmonizing your name with your birth date and day using numerological principles. It involves modifying the spelling of your name to align it with the vibrations of your Life Path Number. The goal is to create a compatible and fortunate name that resonates with your true self and attracts positive energies.

What Will You Get

Calculate Destiny Number

Your name’s total numerical value.

Main Planet & Life Path Number

In sync with your birth chart.

Lo Shu

A crucial aspect based on your name and birth date.


Alter alphabets to align name with destiny & birth numbers.

The Process of Changing Your Name

Changing your name in Numerology involves a thoughtful and personalized process. Here’s how it works:

Numerological Consultation

Seek guidance from a professional Numerologist who will analyze your birth date, day, and current name to determine compatibility.

Spelling Correction

Based on the analysis, the Numerologist will suggest specific changes to your name, such as adding or removing letters to align it with your Life Path Number.

Embrace the New Name

Once you receive the suggested name, start incorporating it into your life with confidence and enthusiasm.

New Name Can Bring New Things

Aligning Name with
Birth Date

Discover how changing your name to resonate with your birth date can open doors to new opportunities.

Personal Growth and Transformation

Experience personal growth and transformation as you step into a name that aligns with your destiny.

Manifesting Dreams and Goals

With an aligned name, you are better positioned to manifest your dreams and achieve your goals.

Your Vibrations

Your new name can elevate your vibrations, attracting positive people and circumstances into your life.

Embracing Change with Optimism

Embrace the process of change with optimism and openness to new possibilities.

Building a
Positive Identity

Your new name becomes an essential part of your positive identity and personal branding.

Birth Date and Day Analysis

Before delving into the importance of Name Change Numerology, it’s essential to understand the impact of your birth date and day. Numerologists use this information to calculate your Life Path Number, which unveils your destiny and innate characteristics. This analysis lays the foundation for evaluating the compatibility of your current name with your life path.

Why You Should Change Your Name?

Your current name is not in harmony with your Life Path Number, leading to challenges and obstacles in various aspects of your life.

You face persistent challenges, financial setbacks, failed relationships, or career obstacles that seem insurmountable.

Despite efforts, you see little improvement in your life, and your circumstances remain stagnant.

A mismatched name may hinder the realization of your true potential, preventing you from reaching your goals.

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