What is Numerology ?

Numerology, simply put, is a relation between a native and numbers. Experts believe that astrology numbers have a very significant role to play in one’s life. There is always a positive or a negative relation of the native with numbers which are derived through a numerology chart. And, astrology as a science focuses on helping you to identify those numbers for your betterment. You can derive your numbers through the name numerology calculator, or several other numerology techniques.

If you are struggling in life, and are burdened with problems then numbers are the way for you. And, if you are on a good path of success then numerology can pave a better path for you. All in all, numerology is for every native who wants to have a better life.

The numbers from 1 to 9 are the core of numerology. Each number is known as a life path number. It is widely believed in the field that these numbers carry different vibrations, and energies. The role of each number is different which can be understood through a numerology calculator. These numbers are considered to be pivotal to depict your daily chores, personality, understanding, and everything else.

Simply put, these numbers define you as the person you are. And the best part about understanding and learning numerology is that it helps you to understand yourself even better. We may all think that we know ourselves, but after this, you will always ask yourself – Do I know myself?


Most frequent questions and answers

Numerology helps you understand yourself better. This will help you to make the best choices in your daily life. One’s understanding of themselves is the only way to achieve success.

All you need to do is type in your name and your DOB in our numerology calculator. It will automatically apply the tools to analyze your numbers.

Our numerology calculator has been developed using the most scientific means of technology and the most profound knowledge of astrology. It is precisely accurate in analyzing your numbers.