Baglamukhi Puja

Some people’s lives come to a point when they are being crushed by their enemies from all sides, with no hope of relief in sight.

Many people lose trust not only in themselves, but also in the Supreme Power, during such times. A person who keeps his or her faith and surrenders to one particular form of Mother Almighty, on the other hand, is rid of all enemies in life.

We’re talking about “Goddess Baglamukhi.”Maa Baglamukhi removes all rivals from Her devotee’s life, and it has been found that by worshiping her, those who were once hostile suddenly become friendly and cease hurting him/her.

Benefits of Baglamukhi Puja

  • Baglamukhi Puja shields the person from unjust pressure and harassment from people with high influence in the job place.
  • It  protects the native from being a victim of adverse incidents in life.
  • Baglamukhi Puja provides protection from the possibility of accidents, blood shed and even an unnatural Death signified by the planets in the horoscope of a native.
  • One who offers Puja and Homa to Maa Baglamukhi is relieved from all legal problems.
  • Goddess Baglamukhi has the power of turning things into its opposite such as: Ignorance into Knowledge, Defeat into Victory, Poverty or Shortage into Wealth or Abundance.
  • Baglamukhi Puja brings forth the real motives of people involved with us and saves us from being tricked, cheated or deceived by their outward appearance.
  • It bestows the blessings of Maa Baglamukhi upon the individual, which acts as a weapon in destroying all enemies (open as well as hidden) who intend to cause fatal harm.
  • Baglamukhi Puja protects an individual from black magic, evil eyes & negative energies, by creating an aura of protective energies around him/her.
  • Baglamukhi Puja blesses the native with great health and protects from ailments caused by black magic or any other supernatural influence upon the native.
  • Puja protects the wealth & assets of an individual from enemies looking to get a hold of them.
  • This online  Puja brings the individual out of any disputes or legal hurdles revolving around his/her property.
  • Baglamukhi Puja protects the business of an individual from hostile takeovers.


Note: This pooja is performed in strict accordance with all Vedic rules & rituals as prescribed in the Holy Scriptures.


Everyone has a different problem and hence different puja will help you, So In order to get fast and better results you must consult great astrologer Arun Pandit before opting for any puja.

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