Birthday Puja

Our birthday is very important to us since it represents the start of our life adventure when we were born.

It was on this day when the planets and stars aligned perfectly with our karmic baggage from previous lives.

So, what should we do on our birthday to acquire cosmic blessings?

Simple, go for a Birthday Puja!

A birthday puja strengthens a native’s protective aura and protects them from life’s misfortunes.

So, book a Birthday Puja for yourself on your birthday to obtain heavenly blessings for success and prosperity!

Benefits of Birthday Puja

  • It promotes sound health in life and protects the native from chronic diseases.
  • It helps the native to win in legal battles.
  • It protects the native from the harmful influence of enemies.
  • It promotes beneficial travels.
  • It brings enormous luck into the life of the native.
  • It attracts new growth opportunities and promotes growth in career.
  • It dispels all negative energies from the life of the native.
  • It showers the life altering blessings of heavenly bodies upon the native.
  • It strengthens the education domain in the life of a student.
  • For people involved in business, it promotes financial gains and secures a business from regulatory hurdles.


Note: This pooja is performed in strict accordance with all Vedic rules & rituals as prescribed in the Holy Scriptures.


Everyone has a different problem and hence different puja will help you, So In order to get fast and better results you must consult great astrologer Arun Pandit before opting for any puja.

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