Holika Dahan Puja

Holika Dahan Puja is held a day before the actual Holi celebration. A mythology associated with the celebration of Holi, and hence Holika Dhan, relates to the actual essence of burning down all that is unholy, wicked, and prevents one from living a happy life.

The tale of Holi Puja revolves around Lord Vishnu and King Hiranyakashyap. The narrative is about good triumphing over evil. “Holy” overcame “Unholy” in the triumph of Prahlad, Lord Vishnu’s disciple, against King Hiranyakashyap’s sister Holika’s evil intentions.

The period of 8 days before Holi is considered inauspicious due to the negative energy it contains. This is called the period of Holashtak, during which nothing good reaps and every task that gets done is not considered special, rather inauspicious. During the ominous time period of Holashtak, negativity and evil eye latch onto an individual way too quickly, so the auspicious puja of Holika Dahan marks the end of all the tumultuous times that can be burnt to ashes, to be reborn as a new person who reverberates success and happiness.

Benefits of Holika Dahan Puja

The Puja of Holika Dahan is performed a day prior to the festival of Holi in the evening. A special Holika Dahan Puja Vidhi is followed by learned Pandit who performs the Online Holika Dahan Puja in your name. The Benefits of performing the Special Holi Puja are enlisted below:

  • Puja of Holika Dahan is considered auspicious for married women, as it ensures the well being of their husbands and endows them with a long prosperous life.
  • It safeguards against fraud and betrayal by anyone. Moreover, it protects the individual against the active evil spirits that revolve around during the time of Holi.
  • Protects the native from ill-omens and evil eyes that could create a hindrance in the positivity around them.
  • It casts away the evil spirits that latch onto an individual during the 8 inauspicious days of Holashtak.
  • Performed to ensure the blessings of Lord Vishnu on the native, by pleasing him in the Special Puja.
  • It creates an aura of positivity around the native and the people for whom the Holika Dahan puja was performed.
  • It destroys all the negativity that plagues the life of a native and blesses them with peace, calm, and contentment in life.


Note: This pooja is performed in strict accordance with all Vedic rules & rituals as prescribed in the Holy Scriptures.


Everyone has a different problem and hence different puja will help you, So In order to get fast and better results you must consult great astrologer Arun Pandit before opting for any puja.

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