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Course Duration - 1 Month

Master Certification Course

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Course Duration:
1 Month

No. of Classes:
8 Classes

About The Course

This course comprises 8 sessions of 2 hours each, in which Arun Pandit Ji will teach you Vastu Shastra from Basics to Advance.


  • How to select plot/flat
    Know about all the auspicious & inauspicious shapes, slopes, directions, soil quality, and facing of the plot. Also, understand how to do astrological calculations. 
  • What is the Extension of the plot/flat?
    Learn which extension in which direction brings good & bad luck to a plot, and what kind of major irregular cuts should be avoided. 
  • Remedies for extension of plot/flat
    Learn about all the logic-based remedies to diminish the ill effects of extended & irregularly shaped  plots 
  • What is Reduction of the plot?
    Learn what reduction of plot & falt and what effects it has on the property. 
  • Remedies for reduction of plot
    Learn all the alternative remedies that we can do to convert an extended plot into an auspicious plot. 
  • What is T-point
    Learn about the inauspicious T- point, how to determine a plot has T-point, and what effects it has on the person.
  • Remedies for T-point
    Learn about all the logic-based remedies to diminish & cease the ill effects of inauspicious T-Point. 
  • How to deal with Dead end plot
    Learn about what is dead end polt, what effects it has on the energy of the overall property  & the ways to deal with the dead end. 
  • Digging and filling of plot
    Learn how to dig & fill a plot so that we can get the best out of that property 
  • Vastu for the Main gate
    Learn about the significance of different colors of gates, and directions, Also know which direction & color one should avoid. 
  • Water bodies of the house
    Learn which directions are auspicious for placing the taps, washroom, and anything that is related to the water element. 
  • Vastu for Kitchen
    Learn which directions are auspicious for constructing the kitchen, the colors to use and what effects on the homemaker. 
  • Vastu for Septic tank
    Know which direction is best for installing the septic tank, what all things one should keep in mind. 
  • Vastu for Toilet
    Know which direction is best for constructing a toilet, and what all things one should keep in mind while constructing a toilet.
  • Vastu for Seedhi and lift
    Know about the good and bad directions, and shapes of stairs and lift in a falt or a property. 
  • Vastu for Bedrooms
    Learn about all the good directions, colors to use, and installation of the room for peace and prosperity. 
  • Vastu for Storeroom
    Know which direction is best for constructing a storeroom, and what all things one should keep in mind while making one. 
  • Vastu for basement and main gate slop
    Know about the good and bad directions to build a basement as it is the main base of the house, and also know about the key points about the slope of the main gate. 
  •  Vastu Gadgets and Fengshui
    Understand what all gadgets and Fengshui & their direction which bring positivity and which gadgets to install in the house, shop, or business 
  • Common mistakes in Vastu
    Know about all the common mistakes people do unknowingly and how can you alter that mistakes. 
  • Role of pyramid
    Know about all the positive effects of the pyramid & how one can use install, use it to get a particular good result.
  • Vastu Kids Room
    Learn about all the good directions, colors to use, and installation of the room for kids’ success and good health. 
  • Effect of Vastu energies
    Learn what activities and things bring negativity at home and what should be done to reduce the ill effects. 
  • Vastu for guest room, living room, dining room, etc.
    Know about the Vastu of different rooms of the house and the do’s/don’ts of decor, direction, and colors for good luck. 
  • How to be best in Vastu (Mentor experience)
    Know about the Secret Vastu tips for money, good luck, love, career growth etc.
Actual price of course – ₹1,14,000

Limited Period Offer – ₹30,300

You will learn in this course, how to design Vastu home -

Let us tell you Why you should consider Vastu Shastra as a career.

In-Demand & High paying Skill

Vastu Shastra is an in-demand skill in today’s world everyone is turning towards numerology to get success and know about their life.

Become A Vastu Consultant or Teacher

If you keenly learn this course under the mentorship of Astro Arun Pandit You can become a highly paid Vastu expert or if you are interested in teaching you can teach vastu shashtra to beginners as well.

Provide a Positive Impact in One's Life

By studying Vastu Shastra, you get proper knowledge of science in accordance with nature. It also gives you knowledge on removing negative energies and providing a peaceful life to the people, thus adding value to their lives.

Who should take this Course

Anyone who is interested in learning Vastu.

Your interest in this field can help you to be your own vastu expert & take the right decisions

Full-Time Vastu Shashtra experts who wants to know more about their field.

Accelerate your vastu career by applying these insider practical tips

If you aspire to be a highly paid Vastu Expert

Learn about the hidden secrets of Astro Arun Pandit and build your own career

Anyone who wants to teach Vastu.

So many aspiring vastu experts are seeking for good teachers to learn from.

Budding Vastu Experts who wants to upskill

Become an in-demand vastu expert. Now is the best time to upskill and take your career to next level.

Completed Batches

15+ batches and 400+ students


Saturday and Sunday live classes with Astro Arun Pandit ji

Interactive Sessions

Every session will be interactive and a doubt-clearing facility at the end.

Certified course

Earn a Shareable Certificate upon completion


Get Recorded Videos

Exclusive Batches

Limited students for better understanding and proper learning.

Mentorship Program

Learn complete numerology from Basic to Advance in Arun Pandit ji's mentorship.


Available in English & Hindi with subtitles.

Become A Certified Vastu Expert

Astro Arun Pandit is the best  Vastu Expert and Instructor in India, having 49+ years of legacy, 1,50,000+ happy clients and 10,000+ students taught till now.


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