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Astro Arun’s extensive repertoire of interests is Astro-spirituality, mystic science, motivation, and crafting happy and successful life.

We have 2,80,000 audiance in youtube. We update content for shorts video’s and often youtube live.

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Keynote Speaker

Over the past years, Astrologer Arun Pandit studied the mantras of successful businesses which have turned their passion into purpose.

He treasures talking about the creative and authentic ways to inculcate Astro-Spirituality in our daily lifestyle as a secret of your extraordinary success.

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Instagram Live

Right from the beginning, he has learned from his father that “If you want to spread a message tell it to the youth of that generation” and in today’s social media platforms is the best way to do that.

Astro Arun often collaborates with different well-known personalities on social media to talk about his life lessons as Spiritual Astrologer.

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If you are a NGO, NPO or if you are individually working for a cause, Astro Arun Pandit will be hourned to help you spread your words among the masses.

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Asia Pacific Vastu AwaJyothish Sudarshan Award

Rd by International Astrology Federation

Jyothish Prabhakar Award

Jyothish Sudarshan Award

Divine Readers Award

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