What is Kundali?

Janamkundali or Kundali is a brief guide to your future. Indian astrology gives a lot of importance to one’s kundali. Your past, present, and future; are all the results of your kundali. Whatever is written in your future can be predicted through this tool. Kundali is the first thing that is looked at to know the planets, and stars in your future, this is known as gruhdisha. Decisions taken through the study of Kundli can lead to solutions to all your life struggles. Be it love, money, health, wealth, desires, etc.

How and why?

Kundali is a result of the application of mathematical principles. The planetary positions are recorded at the time of the birth of the native, i.e. stars, sun, and moon. These denotations are then subjected to mathematical calculations that lead to the making of Kundali. Kundli contains 12 houses. Each house depicts a different aspect of a native’s life.

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The main purpose with which Kundli is developed is to understand one’s internal and external aspects. The aspects that the houses are depicting are read, understood, and analyzed. This helps in understanding the future predictions of one’s life. The core of this is Janam Kundli Milan i.e Kundli by date of birth

 For ex. – Kundali matching (Kundali milan in Hindi)  is a practice that has been there for centuries. What partner will be right for you is analyzed through kundali so you make the best spousal choices? This practice is known as Kundli matching for marriage.

People also get their Kundli analyzed before starting any auspicious tasks like starting a job or business or setting a date for marriage i.e Kundli Milan for marriage so that everything can be done according to the planetary positions (mahurat).


Most frequent questions and answers

Astrology is a science derived through the eyes of Vedas. These Vedas are used as a guiding tool to understand your Kundli and give you a bigger picture of your future.

Astroarun’s website is equipped with one of the best tools to generate your kundali. Each kundali is generated through a proper check of experts as well.

Kundali helps you understand what’s in the future for you. If you do your daily tasks according to the guide of experts, then you can get a grip on your outcomes.