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Santan Gopal Puja

The Santan Gopal Puja is a particular online puja that is performed to seek Lord Krishna’s blessings. It is primarily performed so that the couple is blessed with a healthy child. The most significant aspect of a person’s life is their children. Every couple aspires to have a healthy child. Santan Gopal Pooja requests Lord Krishna’s blessings in order to have a healthy kid, and it is thought that Lord Krishna imparts happiness and joy in various forms upon his devotees, assisting them in living a happy life.

The pooja will also aid in the treatment of ailments such as stress, anxiety, rage, and sadness. This Pooja also benefits couples who are unable to have children as a result of their damaged relationships.

Benefits of Santan Gopal Puja

Here are some of the benefits of the Online Santan Gopalam Puja Homam:

  • It helps one to seek blessings from Lord Krishna.
  • It helps in having a happy marital life and blesses the wearer with all kinds of worldly possessions.
  • It will help the couple to get free from all the problems and to improve their relations with each other.
  • It also helps the child to have intelligence and good health.
  • The Santan Gopal Pooja is appropriate for children, as it protects them from any evil eye.
  • This Pooja will provide protection to women during the time of pregnancy.
  • It blesses a couple with a child.
  • It prevents any type of miscarriage and complications during the time of pregnancy.
  • It is believed to increase the life span of the wearer.


Note: This pooja is performed in strict accordance with all Vedic rules & rituals as prescribed in the Holy Scriptures.


Everyone has a different problem and hence different puja will help you, So In order to get fast and better results you must consult great astrologer Arun Pandit before opting for any puja.

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