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Lo shu grid and planes significance in One's Life

Know the importance of the Lo Shu Grid, history, types of planes, and numbers' impact on an individual’s life!

In Numerology, the  Lo Shu Grid is also known as the magic square. The magic square has a power of numbers that certainly impacts your life and its areas from education to love life, it is analyzed from the date of birth. Learn completely about Lo-Shu-Grid here. Join our Advance Numerology Mentorship Program to learn about Numerology and become a certified Numerologist.

  • The Lo Shu Grid is a 9 squares grid, consisting of 3 horizontal columns and vertical rows.
  • The square contains 1 to 9 numbers arranged in rows and columns.
  • The Chinese believe 15 numbers are lucky, that is why the addition of three numbers in each row and column, diagonally, the total is 15.
  • This 3*3 square is called Lo Shu Grid.

Birth of the Lo shu grid

The Best Numerologist in India Astro Arun Pandit says, the birth of the Lo Shu Grid is in china and continued in certain parts of Asia. Lo Shu Grid is 4000 years old. There was a Chinese ruler name as Wu-of-Hsia, who was trying to find solutions to the flood caused due to Hwang-Ho river, his country’s people were regularly devastated by the flood. One day, the emperor was crossing the river and saw a turtle, whose shell was 3* 3 grid imprinted. That perfect 3*3 square was named Lo Shu Grid.

Types of horizontal planes

In The Lo Shu Grid, There Are Three Types Of Horizontal Planes Present-

Mind plane

The first horizontal line of numbers 4, 9, and 2 in the Lo Shu Grid is the intellectual plane or mental plane. This line represents the person’s intellect, and ability to think and analyze things. If a person has all three numbers (4, 9, 2) in the Lo Shu Grid, then the person will have a rational and logical approach to life. But if any number from 4, 9, or 2 is missing, the plane will be incomplete and the person can be deficient in memory or impulsivity.

Emotional plane

The second line of numbers 3, 5, and 7 make the spiritual or emotional plane. It represents the person’s feelings, intuition, and instinct. The presence of numbers in this line can significant heavy emotions.  The repetition of Number 5 has a negative effect whereas too many 3’s. However, an excess of 7 is considered auspicious and spiritual. Too many 3, 5, and 7 in the emotional plane means analytical thinking is missing. If the numbers of the spiritual plane are not balanced by the numbers of the intellectual plane, then it indicates the person’s thoughts are from his heart.

Practical plane

Numbers 8, 1, and 6 are arranged in the last line and make the practical plane. Numbers 8, 1, and 6 (together or single) are prosperity numbers. These numbers are indicative of success, abundance, fortune, and prosperity. They also mean a luxury lifestyle, perhaps causing feelings of arrogance and egotism. If the material plane is filled and the spiritual plane is missing, it suggests a wealthy personality but an absence of feelings.

Types of vertical planes

The Lo shu grid is divided into three vertical planes as follows-


Thought plane

The first vertical row (Numbers 4, 3, 8) makes the thought plane. It tells about  a person’s ability to think of ideas and how to implement those ideas.

Will plane

The middle vertical row (Numbers 9, 5, 1) makes the will plane. It tells about the determination and consistent potential to succeed.

Action plane

The last vertical row (Numbers 2, 7, 6)makes the action plane. It tells about a person’s ability to put their thoughts and ideas into action. 

Types of horizontal planes

Diagonal planes of Lo shu grid-


Golden yog

Numbers 4, 5 & 6 in the Lo-Shu Grid mean golden Yog or Raj Yog. It explains name, fame, and money. Only a percentage of  2-3% of people have golden yog.

Silver yog

Numbers 2, 5 & 8 in the Lo Shu Grid mean Silver Yog. It is also known as Rajat Yog or Property Yog. it explains the person’s properties but also the strength and weaknesses they might have.

Making of grid

The grid is made with consideration of the standard lo shu grid, the chart is filled with numbers. Firstly the date of birth is written and it is placed in another blank lo shu grid with the matching standard numbers on the grid. Filling the blank grid with numbers. Then study the repetition of numbers, missing numbers and which plane is incomplete. 

The value of the Lo shu grid numbers

Each number in the Lo shu grid has significant meaning and adds great value to life.

The meaning of each number explains your characteristics, traits, and personalities. If any of the numbers are missing from the Lo shu grid, it does impact that area of life, and also how many times one number is repeated also has a negative impact as explained in Chinese numerology.

Number 1

Related to career and plans

Number 2

For marriage, happiness, and initiation

Number 3

Health and Education

Number 4

Wealth and prosperity

Number 5

Strengths, communication, and stability

Number 6

Helping, friends, opportunities, and luxury

Number 7

Mental, creativity, and child

Number 8

Knowledge, memory, and prosperity

Number 9

Name, recognition, energy, and fame

About The Author -

Astro Arun Pandit is the best astrologer in India in the field of Astrology, Numerology & Palmistry. He has been helping people solve their life problems related to government jobs, health, marriage, love, career, and business for 48+ years.