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Know how May 2023 will be for your zodiac!

Be careful! Because the movement of the planets is going to change rapidly in the month of May. In such a situation very interesting effects are going to be seen on all the 12 zodiac signs, for some zodiac signs this month will be full of happiness, but there are some zodiac signs, for whom this month of May may be full of inauspicious results.
But there is nothing to worry about… because the country’s best astrologer Astro Arun Pandit, after a thorough study of all 12 zodiac signs, is bringing you the accurate prediction for the month of May and the effective measures mentioned in Sanatan Shastras, which you can adopt. You can get rid of any kind of inauspicious results by being warned. In this blog, we are going to explain in detail the effects on all aspects of your life due to changing planetary positions in the month of May. To know in detail about your zodiac sign and the horoscope of all zodiac signs in the month of May, you can visit our youtube channel through the link given below.


  • Will feel more stress in life.

  • There are possibilities of loss in business.

  • The economic condition will be fine, there is a need to keep restraint in the expenses.

  • The health of parents can become a concern.

  • Students should avoid wasting their time.

  • There are possibilities of some estrangement in the lover’s relationship.

Remedy- Wake up early in the morning, and spend time in the sunlight at sunrise.


  • Due to the influence of Shani, all your work will be delayed.

  • The economic condition is going to be weak, expenses may increase.

  • This month is right for a job transfer.

  • There may be problems of pain in the back, arms, legs, or knees.

  • Those who are single can have a love affair.

  • Students’ minds will be engaged in their studies, they will get good results.

Remedy- Wear 7 Mukhi Rudraksha, and worship the Peepal tree.


  • Golden Month is for promotion in jobs, growth in business, and the economic side.

  • It is the right time to invest in the stock market or start a new business.

  • From 1st to 17th May a single thought can change your life.Be careful while driving.

  • Challan proceedings may also take place.

  • May is a favorable month for the students.

  • Can be bothered by stomach discomfort.

Remedy- Worship Mother Saraswati every day.


  • Your innocence can be the reason for your sorrow.

  • In love affairs, work with your mind and not with your heart.

  • Job-related problems can arise, prove yourself.

  • Take decisions related to the economic situation only after thinking carefully.

  • Problems related to eyes, hair, and shoulders can arise.

  • There will be ups and downs in life this month due to the continuous change of planets.

Remedy- Worship Lord Shiva, and recite Shiva Chalisa.


  • The family, love, and student side is in a very strong position for Leo this month.

  • This month has brought progress in business and job.

  • There are chances of growth in business this month due to your thoughts.

  • Use your voice properly. Keep your speech restrained, and avoid getting angry.

  • Make sure to buy as per your wish and start investing.

  • Problems related to eyes, ears, and hair may start.

Remedy- Offer water to the sun daily. Worship the sun. Follow discipline.


  • This month is going to bring success to your work.

  • Avoid wasting time on unnecessary expenses and unnecessary work.

  • Implementing new ideas can strengthen the economic side.

  • Avoid laziness and work hard otherwise, it will become a hindrance in your success.

  • Women may have problems in the lower body and need to take care of their health.

  • Keep meeting and discussing with the father continuously.

Remedy- Wear 2 and 4 Mukhi Rudraksha. Recite Hanuman Chalisa. Worship Durga ji.


  • Mixed results can be obtained in the workplace.

  • Businessmen can benefit from the business.

  • Natives associated with the job profession may face mental tension from their partner.

  • Rahu’s appearance will cause mental stress.

  • Refrain from lending to anyone.

  • There is a possibility of back pain or knee injury

  • Make purchases of more than Rs 50k only after careful consideration.

  • Take care of the health of your family members.

Remedy- Mercury Worship of Gayatri Mantra, chant Gayatri Mantra 11 times daily.


  • You are becoming lazy and lethargic due to Shani’s Daiya.

  • By paying attention to your work, you can bring more sparkle to the workplace.

  • Students can do a lot better by working harder in their studies.

  • Health and relationship will be good.Starting any

  • work after making a plan will lead to success.

Remedy-Chant Shani Dev’s seed mantra Om Shan Shanaishcharaya Namah 108 times daily. Offer water on the Peepal tree. Wear seven-faced Rudraksh. Wear an Amethyst bracelet.


  • You can make a lot of achievements this month.

  • You can feel a little slowness and dullness in the month of May.

  • Everything is going to be fine in your life now due to the departure of Shani’s half-and-half.

  • This month will be very auspicious for job profession and business.

  • Spend this month wisely, otherwise, the budget may get spoiled.

  • Maybe a little worried about the health of the mother.

  • Students will be interested in studies and very good results will be obtained soon.

  • There can be problems related to the eyes. Take care of the eyes.

Remedy- Do charity by going to Hanuman Ji’s temple and serving the needy. Get the hungry creatures fed.


  • There are strong chances of going abroad.

  • You have to be disciplined regarding wealth, otherwise, Shani Dev can create problems.

  • There is a possibility of getting a job outside your city.

  • Plan to buy something big only after May 17 due to the transit of Jupiter.

  • Disagreements are visible in the love relationship.

  • Take care of the organs related to the stomach, otherwise, there may be problems.

  • This is going to prove to be a golden month for the students due to Siddha Karak Yoga.

Remedy-Wear seven-faced Rudraksha. Chant the Shani mantra by going to the Shani temple and offering water on the Peepal tree.


  • These people are happy in themselves.

  • Due to any one idea, you can get benefit in the next year.

  • This month can prove to be very beneficial for your coming days.

  • Health and family will be good.

  • Question marks may arise in your mind regarding your hard work. Because of which fear can arise in your mind.

  • The second phase of Saturn’s Sade Sati is going on, due to which you may have problems with the lungs, stomach, and heart. Take care of your health.

Remedy- Seven Mukhi Rudraksha must be worn. Must visit Hanuman ji and Shani temple.


  • You can go to new places and meet new people.

  • Your travel may be spontaneous, but it will prove to be beneficial for you.

  • The first phase of Saturn’s Sade Sati has started, due to which your health can be adversely affected due to cold, heat, neck, throat pain, and eye problems.

  • You will feel proud because of your sibling.

  • Students should take special care of their health, otherwise, problems may arise, avoid eating outside food.

  • The economic side will remain strong, the business class should work harder in their work, they will definitely get success.

Remedy- Worship the moon. Start drinking water from a silver glass.

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Astro Arun Pandit is the best astrologer in India in the field of Astrology, Numerology & Palmistry. He has been helping people solve their life problems related to government jobs, health, marriage, love, career, and business for 49+ years.

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