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Sarva Pitru Amavasya Shradh

While the entire Shradh Paksha or Pitru Paksha is significant in Hindu tradition, the last day of Shradh is particularly significant due to its unique significance. The Shradh Puja done on the last day, i.e. the Sarva Pitru Amavasya or Mahalaya Amavasya, is extremely important. On the last day/tithi of the Pitru Paksha/Shradh Paksha, the Sarva Pitru Amavasya occurs. It’s worth noting that Shradh Puja is performed on the same tithi as the ancestor’s death day. If a devotee is unsure about the day or tithi when their ancestor died, they might do the Shradh Puja for them on the auspicious day of Sarva Pitru Amavasya.

What makes the Sarva Pitru Amavasya so special?

  • Many people who know the tithis of the demise of their ancestors but for some unavoidable reasons are not able to perform the Shradh rituals of their ancestors on their respective tithis of demise, choose to perform cumulative Shradh rituals for all of them on Sarva Pitru Amavasya.
  • Since the Pitru Paksha period starts on the Pratipada day, the next day of Purnima in the month of Bhadrapada, therefore the Shradh rituals of those who died on Purnima tithi are done on the Sarva Pitru Amavasya day only.
  • Sarva Pitru Amavasya occurs on the last day of the Pitru Paksha or Shradh Paksha.
  • On this specific tithi, people can perform the Shradh of all their ancestors irrespective of when they died and how they died.
  • Therefore if for some reason, a person is not able to perform the Shradh of his ancestors on the dedicated tithis/dates during the Pitru Paksha, he can choose to do it on Sarva Pitru Amavasya.
  • Also, if the date of the death of a person is unknown, then the Shradh rituals of such a person can be performed on Sarva Pitru Amavasya.

Benefits of Sarva Pitru Amavasya Shradh

  • This Puja can be performed when you don’t know the exact time/date of the death of your deceased family members.
  • The Puja can be performed for all your deceased ancestors on a single tithi, in case you aren’t sure about the dates.
  • Sarva Pitru Amavasya Shradh Puja gives peace and contentment to the deceased in the afterlife and ensures that they’re well in the dimensions that they dwell in.


Note: This pooja is performed in strict accordance with all Vedic rules & rituals as prescribed in the Holy Scriptures.


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