Weekly Horoscope

Gemini Weekly Horoscope

20 May 2024 - 26 May 2024

For Gemini individuals, this week is likely to be gainful. Venus will be positioned in the twelfth house along with the Sun and Jupiter. This alignment suggests that if you are planning to travel abroad, there is a possibility of obtaining a visa this week. Additionally, there are strong indications of receiving money from overseas. The seventh aspect of the Sun and Venus on your sixth house will help alleviate your ailments, leading to good health. Moreover, you are likely to achieve victory over your enemies this week.

The fifth aspect of benevolent Jupiter on your fourth house promises material comforts and luxuries this week. If you’re planning to buy a new car or property, this is a favourable time. Moreover, the conjunction of Mars and Rahu in your tenth house indicates a positive turn in your career this week.

For those in the private sector, new opportunities for advancement may arise. Individuals employed in the government sector could receive transfers based on their preferences. This week, Mercury will be positioned in your eleventh house of income, potentially increasing your earnings and helping you control unnecessary expenses.

This week, Mercury’s seventh aspect on your fifth house, which represents education, will be highly beneficial for students. They will receive considerable support from their teachers during this time. Furthermore, Saturn, the planet of karma, will be positioned in your ninth house, which governs destiny. This indicates that your destiny will be favourable for you this week.


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