Weekly Horoscope

Aries Weekly Horoscope

20 May 2024 - 26 May 2024

For Aries individuals, this week is expected to be excellent. Mars, your sign’s ruler, will be conjoined with Rahu in your twelfth house. This placement suggests that there is a need to be cautious with your spending and to avoid unnecessary expenses. There’s a possibility that your expenditures could surpass your income this week. It’s advisable to refrain from lending money to anyone, as it could lead to difficulties in recovering the amount that is lent.

Furthermore, this week, Mercury will be in your first house, while the Sun and Venus will conjoin in the second house, which pertains to family matters. This alignment indicates a highly favourable period for you. You can expect to receive full support from your family during this time. Moreover, your family members are likely to seek your guidance in important household affairs and decision-making processes.

Furthermore, the presence of the Sun, who rules your fifth house, in the second house along with Jupiter indicates a highly favourable week for Aries students. Those preparing for competitive exams may find that the outcomes are in their favour. Additionally, this period is conducive to improved health, suggesting that long-standing illnesses may see significant improvement.

In terms of your career, this week will be advantageous. Saturn, the ruler of your tenth house of career, will be positioned in your eleventh house. This suggests that individuals working in the private sector will receive support from their superiors. Conversely, for those in government sectors, this week indicates a potential for a change in their position.

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