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Weekly Horoscope

Leo Weekly Horoscope

15 April 2024 - 21 April 2024

This week is going to be special for Leo natives in many ways. Since the Sun will be placed in your ninth house throughout this week, luck will favour you to succeed in your career and in gaining salary increments and promotions. Professionals who are awaiting promotions at their jobs will see some positive signs this week and benefit from them. When it comes to your financial life, some of you will be able to expand your income sources by channelizing your acumen and making the right moves. But it is also important to carefully consider all the risks involved while investing.
Coming to your health, you will need to be more careful towards the end of this week because Mercury transits your VIII House. Taking your health lightly will prove to be costly for you. There is also a possibility of contracting allergies related to skin and the eyes. At the home front, avoid getting into any kind of argument with any of the family members as this could sour your relationship with them.

Love and Marriage

With regards to your love life, you may have to cancel any plans that you previously made with your partner thereby upsetting them; this will be because of Venus’s presence in your eighth house for the entire week, causing a major decline in your health.

Whereas, if you are already married, Mercury’s influence in the eighth house will help you improve your relationship with your in-laws. Moreover, Jupiter’s grace will also bring in benefits from your spouse’s side.

Remedy: It is advisable to wear ruby gemstone after consulting an astrologer.