Weekly Horoscope

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

20 May 2024 - 26 May 2024

For Capricorn natives, this week will be mixed. Venus, the Sun, and Jupiter will be positioned in your fifth house according to your sign. As a result, this time will be quite good for students. If students are preparing to go into a government sector at this time, this week will be quite auspicious for them. With Jupiter aspecting the house of fortune, luck will be fully on your side. Overall, this week will be good for you.

For individuals working in the private sector, this week will open up new opportunities for advancement. If you are looking to change jobs, this week will be favourable for you. This week will also be good for those in business. If you want to bring in any new partners into your business, be sure to seek advice from elders before making any decision.

This week, Saturn will be positioned in your second house. As a result, your family atmosphere may be tense. There could be some issues causing concern. You may have to deal with a legal matter this week. With Mars positioned in the third house, you will receive full support from your siblings, and they will stand by you in every situation.

This week, Mercury will be positioned in your fourth house. This alignment will bring you comforts and luxuries. If you are thinking of buying a new house or car, this week is auspicious for you.


REMEDY: Chant Hanuman Chalisa or read Sundarkand from Ramayana everyday.